Eco Battery Lithium 51v 105ah Bundle Bundle Includes: This Bundle Includes: -51V 105Ah LifePo4 Battery -51V Charger (Locking Quick Connect) -DC-DC 12V Converter (40V-90V Input) -Chargeport (Locking Quick Connect) -Digital Gauge Kit -8 Year Warranty Optional battery tray/brackets sold separately.


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  • Guaranteed to work with all motor & controller upgrades. 
  • The fastest and easiest install in the industry.
  • 80% lighter than lead acid.
  • 30% lighter than other lithium batteries.
  • More speed, more torque and more amp hours.
  • Charges 3X faster than lead acid systems. No memory effect, so you can charge partially or fully at any time. 2 hour recharge after an 18 hole round.
  • 8 Year Warranty